“I call on you because I respect you”

Secondary Level

6th to 9th Levels – Day or Boarding School
“The school where the children live, or rather their country home, need to give them the opportunity for social experience, for it is an institution organised on a larger scale and with far greater freedom than the family”

Maria Montessori

The central topic in teaching is the understanding of interconnectivities. All subjects (with all content up to the 12th school level) are always taught in “epochs”. Individual topics are developed and transferred within groups using ViBEs (diagrams for Visually Building Education). Each group functions as student and teacher.

The ability to work in a group is a requirement for acceptance into the secondary level.

Knowledge transfer using ViBEs takes place in the morning. Afternoons offer a comprehensive practical program that can be freely chosen:

School Activities
Sports Activities
Model Aircraft
Art of Domesticity
Food Processing, Cooking
Drawing and Painting
Transfer from the primary level to secondary level depends on the student’s personal maturity.

The secondary level is currently conducted as a day school as well as a boarding school.
Each boarding-student is allocated a “foster family” who provides a safe environment for life at our school community.
At the secondary level, our aim is to practice communal living through a comprehensive range of offerings, and to strength an individual’s personality.

The unity of life and learning, work and practical experience makes the Weinberg School a multifaceted, challenging learning environment for motivated, open people.

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