Primary Level

1st to 5th Levels – Day School
Our primary level is an all-day school based on the founding principles of the Montessori method.

We see it as our aim to create an atmosphere that helps children to train and educate their personality, understanding, will, conscience, selfperception and heart. Everything else happens by itself. As Maria Montessori said, there is an urge to develop in each and every child that is stronger than any external influence. Similar to nature, a child has a power that works by itself.
The primary level is for children aged approximately 6 to 11, during which they grow and develop aided by the following:
Basic educational tools with Montessori materials
Cosmic education
Experiencing nature
Fairytales, theatre
Work and duties

Basic education

Using Montessori materials, children develop basic educational tools and learn the foundations of mathematics and the German language.

Cosmic education

Cosmic education is based on the idea that EVERYTHING is connected and that life is affected by a cosmic plan - people and nature. We take and give back, we are in awe and we are thankful.

The disciplines “astronomy, geography, geology, biology, physics, chemistry”, which are seen as a WHOLE in cosmic education, are taught using Montessori materials.

School Tours

Get to know our school on site, and make your own impression.

Experiencing nature

The human is and shall remain a child of nature. Experiencing nature is therefore especially valuable.

Walking through meadows, woods and fields, as well as working in and caring for a garden make children sensitive towards nature.

It is the source that enriches a child’s understanding, language, expectations and feelings. Yes, its beauty continues to enrich the hearts of children.


Fairytales, theatre

The child’s spiritual life is complete when they live in a “world of play” (and theatre), of fairytales and stories, music (especially classical music), fantasy and creativity. These awaken good feelings and develop the child’s heart.

Work and duties

The hands are a meaningful instrument for developing the child’s personality, understanding and will.

It is important, therefore, that children have plenty of experiences where they can use their hands in a variety of ways. They can create new things, recognising more and more the meaningfulness, usefulness and beauty of it.

Contribution to the community is a central topic, as children recognise and realise that “serving” spreads joy and fulfilment.

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