The Weinberg School is funded by the charitable Verein zur Förderung Alternativer Bildungswege (Association for Alternative Education). All school costs (teachers, operational costs, equipment… ) are covered by ongoing contributions by parents.

School fees are set for 1 year. Payment obligations begin on 01.08 of the current year and end on 31.07 of the following year. School fees can be paid on a yearly, monthly or semesterly basis and must be paid in advance.

Parents with more than one child at the Weinberg School may benefit from adjusted school fees depending on income.
Weinbergschool Costs

Primary Level

Day School

School & Day Care Fee

  • 471,- to 981,- /month
  • depending on family income, 12x per year

Secondary Level and 6th Form

Day School or Boarding School

School & Day Care Fee

  • 615,- to 1.125,- /month
  • depending on family income, 12x per year

Costs of meals and boarding fee upon request.

Admission fee: € 365,-

Costs of materials/year: € 111,-

External students at the sixth form are subject to additional fees for exam registration with the Salzburg State School Board.


Parents are invited to increase their payments to donate to the scholarship fund.
These payments are exclusively used for allowing students from lower income families to attend the Weinberg School.

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