Primary Level

“Help me do it myself.”

Secondary Level

“I call on you because I respect you.”

6th Form/Matura

“Your calling lies where your talents meet the needs of the world.”

Weinberg School

The Weinberg School has been providing children and young people with room to grow and develop since 2006. We follow our own reformed educational approach, which focusses on the development of emotions and personality as well as the ability to develop relationships.

We closely consider the people that come to us, so that we can guide them as individuals to find their own strengths and visions for the future.

Everyone is invited to take responsibility for their own actions, and later for others (classmates, school community, animals). This also includes taking part in social duties for the community.

As well as personality development, this also provides a chance to gain social experience and a comprehensive general education. Practical skills are promoted just as much as interest in theoretical connections.

We allow students:

To live out responsibility and team work
To actively use learning activities
To be able to promote and develop their own interests
To discover knowledge for themselves
To develop their own personality as a whole based on Christian values
To experience scope for action and decision making
To accept learning as a life-long process

Our School Groups - Room to Develop for All Ages

Taking responsibility...
...for my actions

“Help me do it myself”
Taking responsibility...
...for my actions and the community

“I call on you because I respect you”

Preparation as external students for the Austrian Matura equivalent
to US High School Diploma or British A Levels Participation in general teachings

“Your calling lies where your talents meet the needs of the world”

Special Features and Organisation

What makes our school special
Graduations, Trainings and Apprenticeships
To the parents of our students

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