Training to Become a Weinberg Teacher

Weinberg Teacher

The aim of the Weinberg philosophy is to make peace education available to people in practice.

By providing role models and/or targeted coaching, the Weinberg teaching method promotes the development of a peaceful and harmonic atmosphere in which healthy relationships can grow, and where deliberately indeliberate learning and authentic living can take place.

Training to be a Weinberg teacher includes all content needed to understand the implementation of the Weinberg teaching method.

Weinberg Teacher

Completing a Weinberg teaching education program allows you to:

lead learning groups
lead learning in schools
work at a Weinberg school (internationally)
to be a learning coach/advisor for regular schools, alternative schools, free learners…
to be an advisor for social skills in learning groups, regular schools
to guide people (including students, teachers) through difficult situations

Would you like to become a Weinberg teacher?

Part I

Training to Become a Guidance Counselor

This training focusses on the secrets of Christianity and its hidden and newly opened methods of healing, as foretold by Jesus Christ. Learn about and heal your own personality structures as well as your own character attributes and characteristics
Personal development to become a role model for others
→ Duration: 3 years (seminar 1 day/month and 3 intensive days/year)

"But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be given onto you."

Galvanic Touch (3 Modules)

“Deliberately Indeliberate Learning is only possible when one can go through life STRESS-FREE! This is also the foundation for happiness and a fulfilled life and being!”

Galvanic touch will teach you:

  • how to create the atmosphere integral to the learning process

  • Ways to harmonise people and their surroundings

  • Quantum healing

“Strive for, create and sustainably live
peace in yourself!”

7 Phases of the Weinberg Philosophy

Independent application and practicing of the 7 phases in daily life (family, friends, career) and in a learning environment


Training to Become a ViBE Assistant (4 modules)


Knowledge Transfer

  • Transfer of the ViBEs developed by Weinberg School students on topics: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, geography.
  • Practical time


You will complete the 1st part of training to become a Weinberg teacher by submitting a dissertation of at least 20 pages on a freely chosen topic based on the 4 basic areas from I to IV.

Weinberg Teacher Costs & dates
Part II

Two years of active practice in your own learning and living environment.
Finally: Approval of the Weinberg Teaching Method Diploma


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