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The Weinberg School has been providing children and young people with room to grow and develop since 2006. We follow our own reformed educational approach, which focusses on the development of emotions and personality as well as the ability to develop relationships.

We closely consider the people that come to us, so that we can guide them as individuals to find their own strengths and visions for the future.
Da sich die Weinbergschule als Ort versteht, an dem die Persönlichkeit und Herzensqualität eines jeden Menschen gefördert und geschult wird, ist das Hiersein – auch wenn es im Außen als Paradies erscheint – nicht immer bequem.

Die Kinder und Jugendlichen stehen vor der Herausforderung sich durch eigene Motivation die für ihren Lebensweg notwendigen Fähigkeiten und Wissen zu erwerben. Dies geschieht – wo immer nur möglich – im praktischen Tun und in realen Situationen:
“The school of life.”

To this end, actual teachings cannot be measured in hours or days.
Learning and the transfer of knowledge are always happening!
We take the personal concerns of our students very seriously.
During the course of their school time and personal growth, the student gradually takes on more responsibility in the various areas of school and communal life.

Our Weinbergschool teaches all ages covered by mandatory education, we also make use of the expanded learning environment provided to us by the Zachhiesenhof organic ARCHE farm’s roughly 35 hectares of land.
This allows us to expand our learning environment to include a whole range of different learning and living situations.

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